Leadership in Pedagogical Management: a vision of Secondary School Principals

Juliano Vikuana Moisés Muli, Inmaculada Aznar Díaz, Miriam Agreda Montoro


This research is a descriptive analysis product that is limited in educational Management of secondary schools in the province of Benguela/Angola, whose specification is in the field of action that focuses on how the directors of these schools lead the pedagogical activities with a view to improving the structural and functional organization of the school, favoring thus a climate conducive to realization of the teaching learning process.Taking into account the theoretical framework focused on approach on leadership in educational management, the characterization of the regulatory and leadership models of the secondary schools in Angola by the Basic Law N° 13/2001 of the Angolan education system, this study led us to a methodological option, which emphasizes the qualitative and quantitative aspects, once considered that these two types of approach could provide acceptable conditions to perform so problematic an analysis about the vision of the directors regarding all the leadership on educational management, in anticipation of getting the collection of sufficient information to the description of the object of study

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