The treatment of equity of gender in a multicultural educative context

Ana Pino Rodríguez


This article sets out the results from a research about gender equality in education centers under the University level located in Ceuta. The research has been carried out in order to evaluate and assess specific plans organized by the Spanish Ministry of Education (Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte). The aim of these programs is to train teachers as future specialists in coeducation, so that they can lead its treatment in their schools. Opinions and experiences from this target group have been gathered in relation to the application of gender equality in their working places. An online questionnaire has been used to get this information. Results allow us to confirm that these gender specialists are quite concerned about equality of gender. Statistical treatment has made possible to verify the homogeneity of their answers. None of the sociodemographic variables used for groups establishment shows meaningful differences with respect to gender equality

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