Teachers’ practices to assess learning in the Technological High School System

Javier Loredo, Francisco Alvarado


This paper reports the results of a research aimed to diagnose, in the case of Techonological Higher Secondary (Bachilleratos Tecnológicos), teaching practices for assessing students learning, within the framework of the Comprehensive Reform of Higher Secondary Education (RIEMS). It was a descriptive research with a mixed method design. There were designed specific instruments for the collection of quantitative and qualitative data respectively. The sample consist of 4061 teachers from all over the country; teachers answered an online questionnaire survey?, The application of the survey was supported by the Sector Coordination of Academic Development (COSDAC) of the Ministry of Education. There were also conducted in-depth interviews in a Techonological Higher Secondary. Overall, it was found that while teachers have appropriated the discourse of RIEMS, they remain without relevant modifications in teachers’ classroom assessment practices; therefore we conclude that it is necessary to intensify teachers assessment training specifically on issues related to competency assessment

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