Informational skills of teachers and students of Secondary Obligatory Education

Vanessa Rubio García, José Tejada Fernández


The teaching professional must have the competence to know how to manage new knowledge because it is the raw material in its stage performance. Schools are a factory of knowledge that must be current. Moreover, there is also the need for the student to acquire this capacity, and therefore, the teacher as a transmitter of knowledge, and skills can promote this fact. The research aims to learn the skills to manage information, and socialize knowledge. For this purpose two instruments used; a quantitative (questionnaire) and a qualitative (interview). In this way, we can objectify, contrast and deeper into the reality where we stand.Through the application of quantitative and qualitative instruments and the subsequent analysis of the data, we get to know the reality of educational practice regarding the assessment of information skills of teachers and students. Complementary to current teaching and learning processes for the development of competition studied is analyzed. In order to obtain a better analysis has been carried segmentation in three dimensions; search, processing and communication of information on the line of self-conceptualization of joint information competence

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