Online ISSN: 1989-9572

Keywords : children's magazines

Gender analysis of game material of the Soviet era on the example of children's magazines (1920-1980)

Marina Sazonenko

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2021, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 37-42
DOI: 10.47750/jett.2021.12.02.006

The work is devoted to the gender analysis of children's games and material for creativity of the Soviet period. The sources used were magazines for children published in the period from the 1920s to the 1980s, such as «Chizh», «Yezh», «Sverchok», «Murzilka», «Pioner», «Yunyy tekhnik» and «Veselyye kartinki». A comparative analysis of this material in different time periods was carried out, taking into account gender attitudes and based on the development of Soviet pedagogical thought.