Online ISSN: 1989-9572

Keywords : Working for tasks

An Integrated Project for the development of creativity in Secondary Education

Sara Mahillo Miranda, Carmen Martínez Samper, Pilar Abós Olivares

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2014, Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 162-176

TELL ME A STORY has its starting point in the line of research: "Courses for sculptural, scenic and audiovisual creativity” (modality B), developed at the Masters in Teaching of Drawing and Fine Arts at the University of Zaragoza. The Integrated Project, which has been set out to develop creativity from the triple perspective indicated, seeks to promote the culture of creativity from interdisciplinary collaboration. TELL ME A STORY is a methodology proposal which consists in playing a story (or literary adaptation) to a group of students which has an educational stage lower than ours. A multidisciplinary is performed in which knowledge of different subjects interrelate. For this, the students deal with different scheduled tasks such as selecting or adapting a story, deciding the type of representation, using musical or audiovisual resources, making publicity act (the poster), preparing an illustration of the story, design and implement the necessary scenery and represent the r of their labor