Editorial Process

Editorial process

1- Once the paper is received at the JETT OJS platform, the editorial board will make a first evaluation to check the paper meets the established standards and fits the magazine thematic. Moreover, the board will check that the license DIGIBUG has been fulfilled.

2- The papers overcoming the first evaluation will be submitted to an evaluation by double blind peer review.

3- Between the paper reception and the final evaluation result, should not exceed 5 months.

4- There are no fees for submission, reviewing, publishing or reading articles.


Download standards of publicarion and editorial process

Descargar instrucciones para el envío de colaboraciones en español

Standars for evaluators

1- Articles will be evaluated using a double blind peer review by accredited specialists. Anonymity is assured.

2- Before starting the blind peer review process, the editorial board will make a first evaluation to check the article meets the required standards by the journal.

3- Articles overcoming the first review will be evaluated in two ways: the first one-internal (member of the editorial board), the other one-external. In case of discrepancy between the two processes, a third evaluation will be required.

4- Evaluators will apply the evaluation criteria established by JETT with complete independence and freedom. If there could be a conflict of interest in assessing an article, the reviewer must notify JETT, declining to perform the requested evaluation.

5- In order to review the articles, the evaluators will use the template available in Spanish, French, Portuguese and English.

6- Evaluators will have five options for the article global assessment (in all cases the decision should be justified in the commentaries section):

  • Acceptable.
  • Acceptable pending minor revision.
  • Acceptable pending deep revision.
  • Unacceptable but can be recommended to other journal.
  • Unacceptable.

7- To avoid plagiarism conflicts, the evaluators should use the anti-plagiarism application (Grammarly), and also the (Google and Google Scholar seekers).

8- Evaluators will send the evaluation report (filling in the template) to the JETT OJS platform no later than 20 days after the reception of the template.

9- For further information please contact [email protected]


Download standards for evaluators

Descargar instrucciones para evaluadores en español