The opinions of teachers on primary school performance evaluation: case study in Nigeria, Benue State


  • Esen Sucuoğlu Near East University
  • Magdalene Peter Near East University


This current research examined the opinions of primary school teachers on the evaluation of primary school’s performance. A Quantitative analysis was used in the study. 200 questionnaires were administered to teachers from the selected primary schools using random sampling, but only 161 questionnaires were valid. The data collected were analysed using IBM SPSS version 21.0 and descriptive statistics to measure teachers’ opinions on performance in primary schools using four variables. The findings reveal that in assessing the performance of a child, the school should focus on gains or improvements in the child’s performance rather than simply attainment levels at a given point in time and that when a school adopt and implement a viable curriculum it enhances the performance of the school which means that the efficacy of the teacher is influenced by what to teach. And also making recommendation on how these problems can be solved