The “Pagbakas” of Filipino teachers in Thailand during the pandemic: A phenomonological study


  • Dr. Gilda Deguma Northern Iloilo State University
  • Engr. Raul Deguma Northern Iloilo State University



Filipino teachers, COVID 19 pandemic, Opportunities, Challenges, Growth, Thailand


This qualitative study explored the lived experiences of Filipino teachers in the Kingdom of Thailand who were purposely-selected for being graduates of the Teacher Education Program of NIPSC and employed as either private or public school teachers in Thailand. The researcher used online medium to gather data such as Messenger, in which participants were interviewed as to their experiences and challenges encountered at workplace. Results shows that their experiences are considered as full of opportunities through landing a job in a foreign country and proving their worth as good professional teachers; challenging because they were able to use their knowledge and skills to compete with other teachers in a foreign country and overcome the difficulties in the workplace so to enjoy their teaching career. The participants also performed well in the workplace and gained praises for work well done as they grow personally and professionally by gaining more self-confidence, trust in their potentials, and desire for improvement. Despite the pandemic, Filipino teachers remained steadfast, prayerful, and with good values intact worthy of emulation. They are resilient and strive to excel in a global arena by maintaining their identities, providing evidence that they have embraced their roles as positive contributors to their learners and school communities, have overcome challenges in the workplace, and have served as inspiration to their fellow educators. The findings of this study could serve as an inspiring note for everyone seeking greener pasture here in the country or abroad who are working truly towards success.

Author Biography

Engr. Raul Deguma, Northern Iloilo State University

Assistant Professor IV

Chairperson, Civil Engineerig Department

Northern Iloilo State University