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Effectiveness of the exercises prepared to play zeybek music on the violin (The Case of Aydın Kadıoğlu Zeybek)


  • Ozan Gülüm Ph.D.
  • Aytekin Albuz



Adaptation, Violin Education, Zeybek, Aydın Kadıoğlu Zeybeği


This research aims to determine the effectiveness of the exercises prepared for violin adaptations which are similar to the traditional playing styles of zeybeks. For this purpose, an experimental study was carried out on the Aydın Kadıoğlu Zeybeği sample. The research was conducted with Gazi University Gazi Faculty of Education Department of Fine Arts Education Division of Music Education violin students in the 2017-2018 academic year with a single-group pretest-posttest experimental design. Ten exercises prepared by the researcher were studied with the students within the eight[1]week lesson plan. With Aydın Kadıoğlu Zeybeği Musical Performance Evaluation Scale, students' pretest and posttest recordings were scored by three violin educators. Aydın Kadıoğlu Zeybeği violin adaptation consists of seven measures. A significant difference was found in favor of the posttest in terms of intonation, being able to play the correct note, right-hand techniques, left-hand techniques, and being able to play an acceptable tempo for each measure, both for each criterion and the sum of all criteria. A significant difference was found in favor of the posttest in the sum of all criteria for the entire piece. As a result, it was understood that the exercises prepared for the playing of Aydın Kadıoğlu Zeybeği made a positive contribution to the playing of the piece. When violin adaptations are adapted by adhering to traditional performances used for educational purposes, it is recommended that these adaptations be studied with preparatory exercises.