A Conscientious Study of Blended Learning and Cardinal Tools


  • P.C. Jabneel Praveen
  • A. Noble Jebakumar




Blended learning, Technology, Higher education, E-learning, online education


Evaluating the contexts, activities and relationships of participants in education is a complicated structure that necessitates numerous ideologies and levels of assessment, specifically when it comes to technological developments. Blended learning is a method of instruction that integrates offline and virtual-based education. This article highlights the characteristics of technology and features in blended learning, which enhances the learner engagement in higher education. It showcases some of the digital technologies including video encapsulation and online learning systems that may assist in learning and teaching. This paper delineates the consequences faced by the teachers of higher education while explaining the conceptualization of blended learning. It also suggests the implications that can be practiced for the optimization of blended learning evaluating the learner engagement. It also identifies methods to improve the effectiveness of the teachers in evolving demands in blended learning for higher education.