The Competences of managing educational crises for principals of basic education schools in Sultanate of Oman


  • Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Hadrami



(Competences - Managing educational crises - Basic education)


The study aimed to identify the competences of managing educational crises among principals of basic education schools in Sultanate of Oman from the point of view of male and female teachers. The descriptive analytical approach was used, and the questionnaire was applied as a tool to a simple random sample of teachers of basic education schools in Sultanate of Oman, and the following results were reached: The degree of availability of crisis management competences for school principals came to high degrees in the axes of the questionnaire as a whole, most of the responses that were reached were between the large and the very large, except for one phrase that came to a medium degree, which is: The school administrations have independent budgets to deal with crises and pandemics, and related to the competence of planning. in terms of the arrangement of competences, they came in a row: The competence of follow-up with an arithmetic average (4.21), the competence of communication with an arithmetic mean (4.15) competence of organization with arithmetic average (4.11) competence of leadership with arithmetic average (3.98) competence of planning with arithmetic average (3.81) The study confirmed that there are no statistically significant differences in all the axes of the questionnaire, according to the variable of gender and the variable of educational qualification, the study recommends the need to follow up the situation up-to-date and motivating school leaders by involving them in training courses and external programs.