Digital Media as a guide for Beauty Gymnastics in increasing student motivation during the COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Aniesa Puspa Arum
  • Suyitno Muslim
  • Jarudin



Digital media, independent learning, e-learning, motivation


The study aims to develop digital media instruction to produce products in the form of digital media instruction in Beauty Gymnastics courses to increase students' learning independence. Subjects in this study included material experts, instruction media experts and students of the cosmetology study program. The number of content experts is one person, the number of media experts is one person, the instruction design is one person and students at the large group trial stage are 30. Data collection techniques in this study used a questionnaire. The questionnaire was used in the form of a closed questionnaire, a questionnaire with answers that have been provided so that respondents only need to choose. The data of this study was obtained from the distribution of material and media expert validation questionnaires and field trial questionnaires to assess the feasibility of digital media instruction that had been developed. The study results show that digital media can increase student motivation in independent learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Furthermore, project-oriented education positively impacts students' academic achievement more than direct teaching. The impact of project-based learning implementation on students' creativity and independence has also significantly increased