The Effectiveness of an Enrichment Program in the Light of the Inquiry Approach in Acquiring the Nanotechnology Concepts and Developing Innovative Thinking Tendencies of Gifted Students at the Secondary Level in Al-Majmaah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arab


  • Khalid Mohammed Alkhuzaim
  • Asmaa Muhammad Al-Qutaim



creative thinking tendencies, enrichment program, gifted students, nanotechnology concepts, Saudi Arabia.


This study aimed at identifying the effectiveness of an enrichment program in the light of the inquiry approach in acquiring the nanotechnology concepts and developing innovative thinking tendencies of gifted students at the secondary level in Al-Majmaah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To achieve the objectives of the study, a semi-experimental design was used. The sample of the study consisted of 42 gifted female students. The tools of the study included a test to measure the acquisition of the concepts of nanotechnology and an innovative thinking tendencies scale. The data was analyzed using a t-test and the eta-square test. The study found the presence of statistically significant differences between the average scores of the female students in the pre-and post-application of the innovative thinking tendencies scale and the students show more scores in using the pre-application of the scale. Moreover, there is a significant effect of the enrichment program in the light of the inquiry approach in developing creative thinking tendencies.