The competitive behavior of university students and its relation to some variables


  • Alaaaldeen Ali Al-Enazi
  • Wissam Mohammed Ali Jadea



scientific and humanitarian


The research aims to identify the level of competitive behavior among students of Mosul University, and to identify the significance of the difference in competitive behavior according to the gender variable (males and females), the specialization variable (scientific and humanitarian), and the grade variable(first and fourth). The research sample reached (600) male and female students from the first
and fourth grades) of Mosul University colleges from both disciplines (scientific and humanitarian) and gender (male and female), where the researchers built the competitive behavior scale and the psychometric characteristics were extracted, as well as extracting the discriminatory power and internal consistency of the scale items , and the results showed: -
1- The research sample does not possess competitive behavior.
2- There are no statistically significant differences in the research sample according to the variables (gender - grade), while there was a statistically significant difference between the students of the two specializations (scientific and humanitarian) and in favor of the humanitarian specialization.
The researcher came out with a set of recommendations and proposals in light of his findings.