The Study of Learning Styles among Medical Students at Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia


  • Fahad AlFhaid
  • Waqas Sami
  • Mansour K Alzahrani
  • Mohammed Zaid Aljulifi
  • Yahya Ahmed Almufarrih
  • Ahmed Khalid Ibrahim Alaqil



Learning Style, Medical Student, Saudi Arabia, Survey, Majmaah University, Visual learning.


The main objectives of this research were to detect types of learning styles (LS), time spending in studying, to know the relation with GPA, and to determine which LS is suitable with teaching style used in the College of Medicine at Majmaah University. The study was cross-sectional self-survey conducted among male and female medical students at College of Medicine at Majmaah city over 6 months. Cluster sampling was used and total participants were 194 students from College of Medicine (males & females). The data was collected using a designed questionnaire and analysis of data was performed by SPSS (V26).This study showed that majority of participants preferred the Visual learning (VL) style (27.79%), the second most used type was Kinesthetic (24.79%), and the least used type was Auditory (24.53%). It also showed that students who prefer VL style score more than students who prefer other learning styles. It was observed that the student who prefers kinesthetic style spent more time in the studying the more use of this type. In
Conclusion, The study concluded that the majority of participants were preferred the VL style. It is also showed that student who prefers visual learning style score more than students who prefer other learning styles. It is important to increase awareness of students regarding types of their learning styles and teaching strategies in college during admission.