Ho Chi Minh's Thoughts On Control Of The State's Power And Lessons For Vietnam


  • Dinh Trung Thanh
  • Le Cong Huu
  • Nguyen Thi My Huong
  • Pham Thi Binh
  • Tran Mai Uoc




power, the state, the state’s power, Ho Chi Minh’s thought, Vietnam


In Vietnam, the State’s power is unified, agencies shall assign, coordinate and control each other in the exercises of the legislative, executive, and judicial powers. This is necessary to prevent abuse of power and ensure the state’s power. The Constitution 1946 was written by Ho Chi Minh (1890 -1969) and created a mechanism and foundation to control the state’s power in Vietnam. Nearly, in the Constitution 2013, the issue of controlling state power is recorded. The assignment and control are reflected in the assignment of the scope of power to each state agency. From the approach of philosophical, social philosophy, and political philosophy, through research and analysis documents in Ho Chi Minh Complete Collection; of previous researchers and policies, legal of Vietnam’s Government on control of the state's power and lessons for Vietnam today. The result shows that Ho Chi Minh’s thought on controlling power has shown the basic contents related to asserting that the power owner belongs to the people and focusing on supervision; use the Constitution to limit state power. The article also gives experiences when studying Ho Chi Minh's thoughts on state power control over Vietnam today