The Practice of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory in the Classroom


  • Martina Penalber Isabela State University



GMI, Kendall Tau, Multiple Intelligence, LGBT


The study attempted to determine the practices of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory in the classroom. It also determined the level of awareness of the senior high school teachers and students of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory, the extent of practice and the relationship between the perceived extent of practice of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory and their profile and level of awareness. The descriptive-correlational method of research was employed in the study and Kendall Tau b was utilized to determine the relationship for interpretation and implication of such findings. Result shows that the senior-high school teachers were adequately familiar with Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences (GMI) theories and the teachers themselves and their students generally agreed that all these eight (8) multiple intelligences were applied and frequently practiced in the classroom. The findings of the study also indicated that there were significant associations between the age, gender, specialization and highest educational attainment and the extent of some practices of the GMI theories in the classroom. It can be noted that as the senior high school teachers grow in age, the less likely they will use visual aids in class such as maps, charts, and diagrams and give students the opportunity to use drama, dance, or physical activity as a part of their learning process. LGBT teachers will tend to become more effective in reading or lecturing to the class and in encouraging students to peer tutor or help each other in class. Language education specialists will have a higher inclination to encourage students to employ their verbal skills to communicate, solve problems, and express inner feelings. Moreover, the higher the educational attainment of the teachers, the less likely they will use visual presentations during class (e.g., write on chalkboard, use overhead projector) and encourage students to visually represent the concepts being taught/ discussed. It is recommended that the senior high school classroom teachers are enjoined to continuously apply MI theories in their teaching practices. This means self-development through reading, studying, and learning more about not only Gardner’s theory but other theory-based practices. In addition, teachers at the high school level need to have more resources in their practice of multiple intelligence theories put in place in order to support their abilities to properly educate and motivate students to sustain their education.