The Burnout … Century sickness destabilizing vocational education


  • Zineb El Atmani Abdelmalek Essaadi University. Tetouan .Morocco
  • Mourad MADRANE Abdelmalek Essaadi University



burnout, nursing teacher, factor, depression, work


This is a novel concept that is not superimposed on any psychiatric diagnosis but can contribute to depression. In this sense, it is a characteristic disease of the helping relationship that encompasses and overcomes stress, where the loss of meaning in work occupies a prominent position. Nursing teachers must employ their skills and competencies to provide effective and high-quality care to carry out their assigned responsibilities. However, this efficacy can be impeded by arduous tasks and particularly in a demanding work environment. This study aims to shed light on the stressful conditions encountered by these professionals and to identify the factors that influence the onset of burnout at the level of Graduate Institutes of Nursing and Health Technology (ISPITS). In this way, significant actions can be taken to prevent this professional affliction and establish a salubrious work environment that fosters the professional development of teacher.