State Universities and Colleges Research Publication Performance of Based on Scopus Database: Basis for Research Publication Improvement


  • Patrick Neil Santiago Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology



Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology, Research Publication, Scopus Database


The study determines the research publication performance of State Universities and Colleges based on Scopus Database. In particular, the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology were chosen to be the model university of this study. The Elsevier Scopus database was used to retrieve the total papers, citations, and h-index of each university. These data were then analyzed during the course of the previous years as well as for historical scientific accomplishment. Results shows that a total of 72 documents are affiliated with the university and 63 authors are found in the Scopus database. In addition, the university published to a total of 43 journals indexed in Scopus. Aggressive research publication must be taken into consideration to increase the documents in Scopus for future use.