Analyzing the Challenges and Hurdles Faced by Urdu Medium Students in Achieving Proficiency in Essential English Grammar: An Assessment


  • Nagendra Kottacheruvu Maulana Azad National Urdu University(MANUU)



Several countries around the world use English as their official language. Individuals with sufficient language proficiency would have a wide range of work opportunities to improve their lives. They can also travel anywhere in the world and profit from the English information that is available online. In this study, undergraduate MANUU students whose mother tongue and preferred method of instruction are Urdu will be analysed for their knowledge of functional English grammar and difficulties. The majority of MANUU's undergraduate students have little proficiency in functional English grammar, largely as a result of a dearth of qualified teachers in educational settings, as well as exposure, motivation, and learning tools. Due to the primary emphasis on mastering the Urdu language and literature, English continues to be neglected. The study mainly focuses on the necessity and potential of involving members of the general public and English teachers to assist students in improving their English-language abilities.