Investigation of The Effect of Using Games in Teaching English Vocabulary to Second Grade Students in TRNC Primary Public Schools


  • Ersun Şişik
  • Şöhret Yiğiter
  • Behcet Öznacar NEAR EAST ÜNİVERSTY



This study was carried out to find solutions to the problems of the method that emerged from the fact that English has a very important position in the world and the growing number of people who want to learn the English language. It also aims to draw attention to the importance of educational games in English vocabulary teaching. This qualitative research investigates into the effect of using games in teaching English vocabulary to second grade students in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) primary public schools. The working group of the research consists of English teachers working in TRNC state primary schools in the 2021-2022 academic year. A total of 25 second grade English teachers working in TRNC state primary schools participated in the study. The research used a semi-structured interview form developed by the researcher. The NVIVO 12 Plus qualitative data analysis program was used to group into categories and to encode the data. As a result of the data analysis obtained from the study, most teachers claimed that applying games had an important effect on teaching English language.