Teachers’ Practice Status in Addis Ababa: Tracer Study about Graduates of Kotebe University of Education


  • Amanuel Adillo kotebe university of education




Teacher Competence;Pedagogic Skills; Subject matter Knowledge; Teachers preparation


The quality of provided educational service and its perception by students as well as employers in the world of work is an important element in the positioning of future employees in the labour market.  To this end, the tracer study was aimed at identifying strengths, challenges, and gaps in preparing university teachers and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and expertise of how to equip in training relevant curriculum and enabling them to deliver quality instruction during training teachers. A qualitative case study was conducted in four primary schools selected purposively from the Addis Ababa City Administration. The target populations of the study were diploma graduates of Kotebe University of Education (2014–2017). Data were collected from 36 participants, including school principals, teachers and supervisors using semi-structured interviews, focus group discussion (FGD), and a review guide of pertinent official documents. The result indicates that teachers have critical gaps in subject matter knowledge and pedagogical skills. It was also found that graduate school teachers were under-equipped with a range of supporting skills such as solving instructional problems by conducting action research, delivering instruction using in-media English and utilizing computer skills in teaching and learning. This study concluded that for the former KUE diploma graduates the current status of teachers’ practices was low and considered inadequate for the correct performance of their job due to a lack of professional competencies. Therefore, based on this study, KUE is expected to equip graduates in designing a relevant curriculum and in delivering quality training.