Academic excellence indicators, the perspective of posgraduate students


  • Ana Bertha Luna Miranda Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala


Part of the results of a Bi-Nacional research about the search for indicators and attributes which define the academic excellence of teachers in eleven universities in Mexico and Spain are presented in this article. It is supported by the summons ITSP (Improvement of Teaching Staff Program) 2015 in Mexico, of support to ACADEMIC NETWORKS: NSIEQ (Network for the Study of the Integrity and Educational Quality). The study, has been taken under a mixed approach. It focuses on obtaining objective evidences that could help to identify indicators to assess the quality and excellence of the teaching staff of Mexican and Spanish universities, as well as the determining of the indicators and attributes of influence in the training of postgraduate students. The data offered at this stage of the research are the result of a 4 open exploratory questions survey. The responses got in the survey were analyzed by means of a mixed analysis. They are a representation of the academic excellence indicators and attributes that make a good teacher, from the students’ perspective; the factors which influenced their major studies, as well as the recommendations the students make to teacher, and which could help them indicators to improve their educational practice. The analysis of the results shows the importance of the attributes on the academic excellence indicators in the teaching work. The previous to be considered for the educational programs for the master and doctor degree in education at the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala in Mexico