The Values and Digital Technologies within a Psychological Approach


  • Ghania Azieze Mohamed Lamine Debaghine University, Setif 2, Algeria. Laboratory of Clinical Psychology (LPC)



Values, Value system, Psychology, Digital technologies, Family.


Values constitute the fundamental principles that govern our lives, shaping our choices and actions, whether at the individual or societal level. Understanding these values and their relationships allows for their development or modification in accordance with the goals we set to enhance our lives and existence within social groups or organizations. However, modern societies face an unprecedented cultural and political challenge in the realm of digital technology, which has become a revolution affecting various aspects related to the social system, daily life, and values. Through its central role in reshaping the structure of the value system, these digital transformations are among the challenges confronting Algerian society. In this work, we will explore the central role of values and the value system in relation to digital technologies within a psychological approach. We will elucidate the concept of values and some accompanying concepts in the field of humanities and social sciences.