Determining the Standard levels of Some Morphological and Physiological Requirements as an Indicator for the Selection of Defenders in the Algerian Football U19


  • Haroune Dif Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University of Mostaganem
  • Ali Bengoua University Abdelhamid Ben Badis -Mostaganem
  • Seddaoui Chachou University Abdelhamid Ben Badis -Mostaganem
  • Kada Boumediene University Abdelhamid Ben Badis -Mostaganem



morpho-functional criteria, selection, defenders.


This study aims to identify the most important morpho-functional measures and determinants through standards and tests and their relationship with the selection of football players under the age of 19 in the defensive position, so that coaches can realize the true value through this study and correct the previous mistakes based on observation and matches and their distance from the side for the selection of players whose results are certain and guaranteed.
We first assumed that the level of morphological criteria of defensive players is characterized by an average level, on the other hand, that the level of physiological criteria is characterized by an average level, and for the purposes of investigation of the hypotheses, we have selected a sample composed of 90 defenders from different defensive positions representing 10 clubs active at the level of the Algerian first and second division (class under 19 years old) for football for the 2022/2023 sports season. They were chosen deliberately, and for this we used the descriptive approach, through which we collected data using the physical measurements necessary to determine morphological indicators (height, weight, mass index, musculoskeletal system and physiological tests, then statistical processing of the data)
The research yielded the following results:
The levels of defensive players (axial - right and left wingers) in measurement of height, weight, muscle mass index, shows the levels in favor of the good level and the average level compared to the physiological criteria.
That is why we have recommended the use of physical measurements and physico-physiological tests during the selection and even in the orientation according to the play centers, in particular the lengths and the components of the body style and the preparation of training programs based on scientific bases and paying attention to young groups of young people at all levels.

Author Biographies

Ali Bengoua, University Abdelhamid Ben Badis -Mostaganem

Professor of Higher Education

Seddaoui Chachou, University Abdelhamid Ben Badis -Mostaganem

Assistant Professor

Kada Boumediene , University Abdelhamid Ben Badis -Mostaganem

Contracted professor