The Aesthetics of Quotation from Narrative to Dramatic Text: An Applied Study


  • Houria Benallouche
  • Nadia Mouats



This study aims to reveal the application of "quotation" process from narrative text to theatrical text within an Algerian experiment where what is said about the clear change between the two texts was noted, the presence of a distinct imprint, and vision of each writer according to his environment, and his creative and intellectual goal given that this type of writing has synchronized theater since the epoch. Moreover, the existing writing process places us in front of a Theory of Intersecting Genres and the reality of agreement and difference between narrative and dramatic texts in the construction process. It also highlights the extent to which theater can express the spirit of the story and clarify its elements. Findings showed that there is an intersection and difference between the two texts on several levels including idea, characters, place, and others. The dramatic text "Dear Tarzan" by Fouad Kafi was chosen, adapted from the narrative text of Aziz Nesin's story from the collection "Mule Love Story" one of the pioneers of Turkish novel.