From academic literacy to discursive genres: for acculturation to the introduction of explanatory dissertations (Case of students enrolled in M2 didactic and applied languages at University of El-Oued)


  • Dhob Ines, Beyat Asma


literacy; academic literacies; academic writing; acculturation to academic writing; functional writing workshop.


Nowadays, students suffer from dysfunctions inherent to writing. Indeed, the writings of students enrolled in the second year of the Master's program at the University of Hamma Lakhdar El-Oued, show many methodological dysfunctions.

The present contribution is part of a didactic perspective of training in academic writing, in the Algerian context, particularly the introduction of the explanatory essay. To reach our objective we carry out a provoked experimentation. The results obtained confirm the importance of the functional writing workshop in the acculturation of students to the writing of introductions to explanatory essays.