Optimising Literary Comprehension through a Multimodal Pedagogical Project: LAP for EFL Literature Class


  • Hind HANAFI, Mohamed Redouane KAFI


EFL Literature Class. Film Adaptations. Narrative Complexity. Cultural Competence. Literary Analysis Portal (LAP). Pre-While-Post (PWP) Model.


This paper explores the integration of multimodal pedagogical tools, specifically films, in enhancing the comprehension and appreciation of literature in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) context. Highlighting the significance of films in language education, it discusses their ability to engage cognitive, linguistic, personal, and emotional facets of learners. The study introduces the "Sandwich approach" for effective film presentation in classrooms, offering a practical methodology tailored to time constraints and educational objectives. Additionally, the paper presents the Literary Analysis Portal (LAP), an online platform designed to support teachers and learners in literary analysis through film adaptations. By analyzing the three representative literary texts from Renaissance, Romantic then Victorian Periods and their film adaptations, the research demonstrates how films can disambiguate narrative complexity, elucidate literary theories, and foster intercultural competence. Ultimately proposing a model for integrating cinematic tools to enhance literary understanding in EFL contexts.