The Impact of Implementing Active Learning in the EFL Writing Course on Students’ Writing Performance


  • Dr. Amina OMRANI


Active Learning, EFL writing, writing performance, writing skill.


Active learning, initially proven effective in diverse academic and educational environments, only recently gained recognition within EFL pedagogy. Initially confined to the development of oral skills in EFL classrooms, its broader applicability has been underexplored. This research investigates the influence of active learning (AL) techniques on the writing skills of university students in an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) setting. Using a quasi-experimental approach, this study applied a one-group pretest-posttest design to assess the writing proficiency of the students prior to and subsequent to the incorporation of AL methodologies within the EFL writing syllabus. The results demonstrated marked improvements in the average scores of the students from the initial pretest to the concluding posttest after they engaged in sessions of AL-focused cooperative learning. Notably, improvements were observed across all six assessed components of writing: vocabulary, structure, mechanics, cohesion, organization, and development, underscoring the effectiveness of AL in fostering substantial gains in EFL writing performance.