Practical Obstacles of Critical Terminology in Methodology and Concept


  • Abdelkader Djaid, Toufik Djamate


obstacles, terminology, criticism, methodology, concept.


The issue of terminology in the fields of linguistic and literary studies is a central concern that underpins all efforts aimed at revitalizing critical studies. Despite this, numerous methodological and conceptual obstacles impede progress. Among the most significant negative effects is the multiplicity of terminologies, which has engendered a crisis in comprehension and reception. This has emerged as a substantial impediment to scholarly research, necessitating a rigorous process of constructive criticism to identify deficiencies and propose effective solutions.

This research papers, titled "Practical Obstacles in Critical Terminology: Methodology and Concept" aims to investigate the relationship between translation and critical terminology. It seeks to analyze the practical implications of this relationship, both theoretically and practically.