The Learning-network: the Internet as a learning context



In this paper, we intend to expose a possible new approach to learning called learn-network. Learn-network could not be considered a theory of learning but is based on learning theories as Connectivism, Constructivism, the Collaborative school, and others. We will consider it as a paradigm that expresses new ways of doing, thinking and learning caused by / consequence of the Net Society (Castells, 2004). This concept comes from the study "New ways of doing, new ways of being: digital technologies as dynamic agents of informal learning", doctoral thesis of the author. The main objective was to analyze the understanding of youth on media and technological culture around them and to comprehend their involvement in this culture from a qualitative perspective and case of study. The method has been adapted to the particularities of research in the digital environment but off line too. Reference cases are examples of net-learning. This particular learning it is characterized as collaborative, cooperative, liquid (Bauman, 2006), creative, experiential, based on connectivity, among others, and, following the computer metaphor, in beta.