Value contribution of immigrants to society through entrepreneurship


  • Miguel Osorio García de Oteyza Francisco of Victoria University
  • Alfonso Urquiza Echevarren Francisco of Victoria University
  • Rosana Rodríguez Gómez Francisco of Victoria University


Immigration today is a reality that is transforming the social and economic landscape, particularly in some European developed countries as in Spain. Moreover, Entrepreneurship is considered as a key driver in today‟s economy recovery processes, particularly in relation to the innovative, change searching and opportunity seeker nature of entrepreneurs. Despite these facts, very little academia research has been published to date on the relationship effects between Immigration and Entrepreneurship. The main objective of this article is to analyze the differential values that immigrants introduce in the entrepreneurship process, starting with the motivation and discovery of the opportunity (Fiet and Patel, 2008), business start up (use of resources) and further economic and job creation effects associated to new business developments. Our approach starts with a comprehensive review of the different approaches and definitions associated to Entrepreneurship, considering that this process has not been yet defined as a basic and fundamental term (Fernandez, 2012). This review will be the basis for a wide analysis of immigrant Entrepreneurship reality, including motivations, abilities and specific challenges to achieve success.