Entrepreneurial teaching & entrepreneurial teachers


  • Mustafa Z. Altan Erciyes University


We live in a time of unprecedented social, economic, technological and environmental problems and desperately are in need of change and improvement in many different areas on a global scale. Present education systems are fundamentally based on Verbal/Linguistic and Mathematical/Logical Intelligences, defined as IQ, and as a result focus mainly on the functions of the left brain. These systems aim at acquiring similar skills and passing the courses and as a result provide advantages to those who already have an advanced level of these intelligences in their profiles of intelligences. Since these systems assess individuals via standardized and centrally performed tests, they never help individuals to question, to think, be creative, take risks and think critically. The answer to all these concerns is entrepreneurial teaching and teachers. Entrepreneurial teaching which takes individual differences into account and is based on alternative assessment systems has the power to be the ultimate solution to overcome present obstacles of education systems. Entrepreneurial teaching implemented by entrepreneurial teachers has a potential power to help the world create economic growth, jobs, innovation and raise happy citizens capable of finding solutions for many long-lasting and ever-growing global issues in all sectors. This paper focuses on explaining how individual differences and alternative assessment techniques could be used by entrepreneurial teachers to implement entrepreneurial teaching.