Psycho-semiotic reflection on creativity in Arts: critical discussion from a neuroscience research and their equivalent in the teaching-learning process


  • Violeta Schwarcz López Aranguren Universidad de Buenos Aires


Reflect on the concept of creativity and arts learning leads us to think of the psychological processes and intersubjective constructions in the social order in which we find ourselves that are considered creative. But we should question what we call creativity, what are the factors that are delimited as aspects or properties of the creative person, or if we consider the process of building or innovation and finally if we evaluate the product as "work of art". We then opened, a number of questions that can be addressed from different perspectives and have been worked from very different fields. From neuroscience research, processes and psychological mechanisms involved, to semiotic analysis of works of art, finding certain epistemological obstacles Bacherlad to say, we should locate to account for what we mean by creativity. Also we propose a critical analysis from the joint between the investigation of subjects from a neurophysiological research line and tell if the emerging results correlate with the mechanisms and processes that unfold in the teaching-learning processes.