Institutional evaluation and the pursuit of academic efficiency. The case of the Faculty CCAA (Brazil)


  • Santiago Castillo Arredondo Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
  • Daniel Hoorn Faculdade CCAA, Rio de Janeiro


Through the analysis of the different concepts and applications of the word "evaluation", this paper aims to demonstrate how the implementation of the institutional evaluation procedures established by MEC in Brazil – in accordance with international standards. These Institutes are aware of the fact that it is an irreversible, definitive and continuous process, and that the correct reading, interpretation and accomplishment of the results obtained in the evaluations will unquestionably result in tangible benefits on the permanent search for academic efficiency. The purpose of the propuestas-modelo, as a result of the investigation, is the assurance of quality and academic efficiency improvement. It is consolidating a "quality culture" within each of the sectors and agents who participate daily in institutional activities. These proposals allow to set up a model that it promote and stimulate continuous improvement the Faculdade CCAA is to become a centre of higher education with the corresponding social recognition for academic excellence







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