Teachers learn: Indicators to improve the tutorial function of university professor


  • Elena Hernández de la Torre Universidad de Sevilla
  • Raulina Medina Herasme Universidad de Sevilla


The tutorial role of teachers in higher education should provide a response in relation to the new challenges raised by the European Higher Education. In this sense, it has changed the profile of this teacher, indicating a different character based on the facilitation and management of student learning and motivation, which leads us to a new understanding of their paper, tutor new profile and new strategies for the development of knowledge. The purpose of your role is clear, their action in tutorials practices has consequences on the quality of teaching. The results of the assessment of students regarding the roles, responsibilities and functions of teacher mentoring of university teachers are presented in this article. For data collection a questionnaire has been used in quantitative and qualitative closed and open items where students point to a teacher training in new personality profiles and professionalism. The results reveal several interesting facts: the need for training in new teaching and organizational strategies for improving their teaching management, empathetic relationships with students, based on collaboration personality and treatment and the development of a tutorial -based feature in strategic planning. The importance of this study lies in the provision and demand that the students giving her own voice for the development of teaching and mentoring in higher education and improving their teaching management.