Preparatory school students’ attitudes toward social media in learning English


  • Murat Tezer Near East University
  • Yeşim Üstün Aksoy Near East University


The aim of this study is to analyse the attitude of preparatory school students towards social media in learning English in terms of different variables. In this study, the survey method, which is one of the types of qualitative research, was used. The study group comprised 220 beginner and intermediate-level students studying at the Preparatory School of Near East University. An attitude scale for the attitudes towards social media in learning English, which was devised by the researchers used to collect data for the research. Consequent to the study, it was observed that the students who took part in the study used social media sites frequently in order to improve their foreign language by watching TV programmes, series and videos in English language as well as to find about English words which they are not familiar with. It was also stated that the social media application used most frequently by the students was “Facebook”. It was finally found out that the attitude of the students towards social media in learning English was positive and it is independent of gender, having a social media account and web page, the frequency of using social media environments and the time spent online