Educational Multimedia for the learning of local archeology in the career degree in History at the University of Holguin


  • Yanet Fernández Batista Departamento de Arqueología, CISAT, CITMA
  • Ronald Pérez Roche Universidad de Holguín
  • Matilde Irene Riverón Hernández Universidad de Holguín
  • Benjamín Bosto Pérez González Universidad de Holguín


The objective of this research is to introduce an Educational Multimedia Software named "Arqueología en Holguín", whose purpose is to favor the teaching-learning process of topics related to archaeological research in students enrolled in the degree in History at the University of Holguin. Due to its social and patrimonial importance, the domain of this subject constitutes a necessity in the integral formation of the graduates of this specialty. With the use of methods at the theoretical and empirical levels, the teaching - learning process of this discipline was characterized and some of its main deficiencies were identified. Information and Communication Technologies offer a set of advantages and opportunities to introduce, socialize and learn about the scientific work in this profile and increase the archaeological culture, taking advantage of them as an element that motivates young people to a large extent. The main result of this research is the development and implementation of Educational Multimedia Software "Arqueología en Holguín", which was conceived for informative, educational and training purposes, constituting an updated bibliographic material. Some of the main features and functionalities of the proposed software are described and some methodological recommendations are offered to teachers who choose to use this resource. With the application of statistical methods and hypothesis testing, an initial assessment is made of the effectiveness of the resulting software