The Formation of the Student's Objectivity in the University Educational Process


  • Kariyev A. D.


student subjectivity, interactive teaching, interactive teaching methods, “Workshop of the Future” method, case-study method, “Decision tree” method, educational discussion.


In this article, we highlight and consider one of the directions for improving the system of training
specialists in higher education - the formation of student subjectivity in the educational process of the
university. It should be emphasized that this task is interdisciplinary and requires the integration of the
efforts of many specialists: teachers, psychologists, sociologists, etc. The author describes the main
interactive methods used in teaching practice: the “Workshop of the Future” method, the case-study
method, the “Decision tree” method, and the educational discussion. Also in the article, the author
revealed the goal of interactive learning, which is to create comfortable learning conditions in which
each student can feel his success and intellectual competence, which will allow him to simulate life and
professional situations from pedagogical practice, to find a solution to the problem based on an analysis
of the circumstances and the corresponding situation; to contribute to the formation of professional
skills and abilities, to cultivate humanistic values in him, help to create an atmosphere of interaction
and cooperation.