Internationalization of higher education: motives, factors and problems (based on the results of sociological research)


  • Nina Volovskaya


foreign students, motives, factors, problems


The article presents the results of two sociological studies conducted in order to study the motivation
for obtaining higher education and the factors of choosing a university by foreign students,
identifying problems and developing recommendations for their solution. It was revealed that foreign
students generally value higher education, and that the motivational postulates of obtaining an
education contain not only commercial goals, but also cultural ones. It has been established that
Russian education is highly valued by foreign students in terms of quality, and that foreign students
purposefully seek to obtain Russian education. It was determined that Russia is a financially
attractive country for foreign students, including attractive in obtaining jobs. The study showed the
high importance of the university website and social networks for making a decision on obtaining an
education at this university. The results of the study showed that the level of training in higher
educational institutions of the city meets the requirements and meets the needs of foreign students as
much as possible. At the same time, a number of problems related to teaching foreign students were
identified: language problems; learning problems; communication problems; sociocultural and social
problems, for the solution of which a number of recommendations are proposed in the article.