National perspectives of early childhood care


  • Pilar Gútiez Cuevas Complutense University of Madrid
  • Mónica Jiménez Astudillo International University of La Rioja
  • Paloma Antón Ares Complutense University of Madrid


The present systematic review is about concept of Early Intervention, philosophy, evolution, principles and achievements and the needs to consolidate this action recognizing the role of the family as the focus of this process. In this country, Professionals from three fields – Health, Education and Social services – with competence in early childhood matters assist children from 0 to 6 years and their families. It was carried out a Systematic review of early childhood care in Spain. In this manuscript, analyzed the elements that can interfere on early childhood attention, roles, competences and duties, existing resources, training, regulations and precedents that shows the need of coordination and the family attention as to improve the quality of the attention given. In conclusion, the attention of childhood requires the same conditions for all citizens, with services enough and professionals with a high qualification and also a coordinated job.