Understanding the family among modern student youth


  • Krikun Elena Vladimirovna
  • Davityan Manushak Galustovna
  • Belozerova Irina Aleksandrovna
  • Nikulina Natal'ya Nikolaevna
  • Andreeva Nadezhda Vladimirovna




nuclear family, official marriage, partner type of family, parenting strategies, a family, family typology.


The article is devoted to the study of the attitude to the family among the students youth of the XXI century. The authors noted that in the hierarchy of values, the family from year to year occupies a leading place among the life priorities of student youth. The work focuses on the study of the problem of regulation of behavior in the family and the formation of parenting strategies. The authors
studied the attitude of student youth towards types of families and concluded that the leading type of family relations today is the partner type of family. Among the youth, premarital family relationships are widespread, however, young people do not refuse to formalize marriage, they only postpone the official marriage to a later date. The paper notes that the formation of parenting strategies of the younger generation continues to be influenced by the traditional image of a “good mother,” but the concept of fatherhood differs in a certain way from the fatherly strategies of previous generations. In the student environment, the ideas about the role of the father in the family and his qualitative characteristics, which have changed in society, have clearly manifested themselves.