Formation of health saving competence of future fitness trainers through the intensification of their research work


  • Nataliia Kononets
  • Valeriy Zhamardiy Poltava State Medical University
  • Olena Shkola
  • Svitlana Vdovych
  • Petro Kyzim
  • Nataliya Batieieva
  • Olena Vasylenko



scientific research work, fitness trainers, health-preserving competence, students.


The article discusses the activation of research work of students on the problems of health preservation as the basis for the formation of professional competence of future fitness trainers. The aim of the study is to scientifically substantiate one of the pedagogical conditions for the formation of health-preserving competence of future fitness trainers, which is the intensification of research work of students on health preservation problems. The experiment involved 600 students of 1 and 4 courses of study of the specialties 017 «Physical education and sport». The research methods: theoretical analysis of special and scientific literature, modeling, survey, pedagogical experiment and methods of mathematical statistics. As a result, it was revealed that not only the reorganization and improvement of higher education in Ukraine is required, but also a serious scientific and theoretical base to ensure the health-preserving competence of future fitness trainers in the process of professional training.One of the pedagogical conditions considered will help in the development of a new type of fitness trainer. ready for successful professional activity and scientific work in the field of pedagogical sciences, physical culture, sports and health.




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