The pedagogical instructors' perspective of the PDS Model in teachers' training


  • Tareq Murad sakhnin college for teacher education
  • Nabil Assadi sakhnin college for TE
  • Muhamad Ibdah sakhnin college for TE



PDS, practicum, pedagogical guides


The main objective of the study is to examine the contribution of the PDS model as perceived by pedagogical instructors. In light of this, the research questions derived from the central goal are:

 What are the characteristics of the PDS instructional model that contribute to increasing the effectiveness of the practical process of student teachers? What are the dimensions of the pedagogic instructor's knowledge of the perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs of the trainees in the effective implementation of the PDS training model? What are the factors that delay the implementation of the PDS training model?

   In order to collect the research data, and following the detailed explanation of the pedagogical guides on the purpose of the research, the questionnaire was uploaded to the Google Docs system and sent a link through the email address to the training guides, they were asked to use the link for filling out the questionnaire. It was explained to the pedagogical instructors that the answers will be anonymous and used for research purpose. The participants were also told that there are no correct or incorrect answers when filling out the questionnaire and that everyone will answer to the best of their understanding, opinion and feelings.

 The findings show that PDS model does not deviate from the other models and it emphasizes the process of professional socialization of the students. In addition, the pedagogical instructors who participated in this study emphasized the subject of teaching as a profession and demonstrated well their work in this field, throughout the interviews, the instructors addressed the content side, the teaching itself, the teaching strategies, the lesson planning. This is to increase interest in learning, and develop thinking among their students, but at the same time, they emphasized other aspects of training such as, communication between teachers and students, working with other trainee. The instructors added that PDS enables students to experience all aspects of teaching. In addition, the model allows trainees together with their pedagogical instructors to acquire various tools and thinking skills that increase the effectiveness of the model.

Author Biographies

Tareq Murad, sakhnin college for teacher education

Tareq murad is a senior lecturer and the head of teachers' Training Department at Sakhnin college for TE

Nabil Assadi, sakhnin college for TE

Pedagogical instructor and lecturer at sakhnin college for teacher education

Muhamad Ibdah, sakhnin college for TE

Dean and the head of Sciences department at sakhnin college for TE