Rope skipping as a means of increasing students' physical activity


  • Olena Shkola
  • Tetiana Andriushchenko
  • Valeriy Zhamardiy Poltava State Medical University
  • Oleksandr Dubovoi
  • Pavlo Andreiev



rope skipping, students, physical preparedness, physical abilities.


The article investigated the degree of influence of jumping rope on the physical fitness of students. The study purpose was to determine the impact of rope skipping means on the physical preparedness of high school students. The research methods were as follows: analysis of special and scientific literature; pedagogical observation; pedagogical experiment; pedagogical testing; methods of statistical data processing - for mathematical processing of the obtained research results. The study involved 70 boys and 75 girls of 10th – 11th grades. Students were divided into four experimental and four control groups depending on age and gender. An increasing the level of endurance, speed, strength, agility, flexibility, speed and strength abilities were determined during the experiment in experimental groups of high school students. The results of testing the physical fitness indicators testify a significant improvement in the development of physical qualities of students in experimental groups under the influence of rope skipping. The physical activity of students will increase when they themselves choose an exercise program that is interesting in their opinion. Then the implementation of the complexes will become useful and unobtrusive for them. Rope skipping is exactly the kind that suits both boys and girls. He also develops all physical qualities. Rope skipping can be recommended for using in physical education process of high school students. Application of three groups of rope skipping exercises according to their difficulty in various forms of classes helps to increase the physical preparedness of students.







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