Artificial intelligence: «experimental philosophy» or a requirement of reality?


  • Oleh Romanchuk
  • Viktoriya Romanchuk



The power of information already exists in the world. Discussions about the formation of a «new
social order», the philosophy of computer civilization, the methods of influencing the latest
information and communication technologies on human life, the psychological and socio-economic
consequences of total computerization of the globalized world, the latest ways and means solving the
many problems that arise.
The critical challenges facing humanity already exceed the intellectual capabilities of Homo sapiens to
solve them. There is an urgent need to create high-performance universal computers that can reason
and perform operations at the level of human intelligence or even surpass it, including critical
thinking and creativity. It is about creating the so-called «artificial intelligence» (AI).
However, this invention may in the future become a source of potential danger to human civilization,
because without being a social being, artificial intelligence will function outside of human ethics,
morality, psychology. Reasons to worry about the world's fascination with artificial intelligence are
very real. No one can predict the consequences of the integration of superintelligence into society.
The article analyzes the problem of creating AI and the social risks that may arise. The purpose of the
study is due to the need for a deeper understanding of the essence of the concept of «artificial
intelligence» and the identification of those tasks that it can solve in the field of mass communications
and social relations