Exploring the impact of social media in academic performance of high-school students in India


  • D Vezhaventhan Head of the Department, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • A Jagannathan PhD Scholar, Saveetha School of Law




Students, Social Media, Academic Performance, Higher Education, India


The Social Media or the Social Networking sites are rapidly increasing among the Students especially in higher education. The lockdown imposed due to COVID-19 has made the Social media penetrate into the lives of every student. The social media has become the platform of official communication and made the students completely rely on mobile phone for all academic activities. Thus, the ultimate responsibility of using or misusing the Social Media is at the hands of the students. So, the study is attempts to examine the impact of Social Media in the academic performances of the students in higher education. This is an quantitative study based on a survey among high school students of private schools in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The study used inferential statistics alongside the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) for testing the hypothesis and its significant relation with the variables.
The study revealed that the usage of Social media has a dual impact, negatively (addiction) and positively impacts the communication among peers, teachers and knowledge sharing behavior which leads to good academic performance. The chalk and talk method has almost vanished and made both teachers and students to adapt to alternative learning methods. The study suggests adopting existing pedagogy or creation of a new style of learning integrating the Information Communication Technology (ICT) with traditional teaching methods.