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Issue 1,

Issue 1

Methodological aspects of SOS Children's Villages of Granada, Spain

César Torres-Martín; Ernesto Maroto Aguilera

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

This article has the essential purpose to present the quantitative results of a research conducted at the SOS Children's Villages of Granada, highlighting the analysis obtained from the part related to the methodology used in the Organization to promote the improvement of professional work educators. In the part of questionnaire used to gather information on the methodological aspects, it has kept pace with the principles of this nature that should guide educational intervention in this state: Pedagogy of everyday life, Pedagogy of affection and tutorial action.

Analysis of project based learning in a digital environment at a networked high school

Silvia Valls-Barreda

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

This study analyzes the value learners, facilitators, parents and experts of a New Tech Network (NTN) High School place on various fundamental aspects about learning and teaching based on digital collaborative learning projects as a way to educate all learners to be college and career ready. It is a study conducted in New Tech Odessa High School (NTO), a learning organization located in the State of Texas, USA, where the instructional approach is project-based learning (PBL) in a digital environment. The data were collected using three questionnaires, and were analyzed through descriptive and inferential statistics. Findings suggest that the positive, student-centered, collaborative learning environment provided by PBL at NTO, along with the school culture and the seamless use of technology engage learners and foster deeper learning.

Epidemiology of vocal pathology among primary teachers

Lucas Muñoz López; Francisco Fernández Cervilla

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

One of the main risk groups may be affected by vocal cords pathologies are the primary teachers. The aim of this review was analise the incidence of vocal pathologies according to gender and level of awareness of the primary teachers. To do this, the sample used was composed by 64 primary education teachers belonging to educational establishments in the province of Granada, who were then divided into two groups, in function of the presence, or not, of vocal pathologies. The participants completed the Research interview about socio-demographic and clinical characteristics (designed to this research) and the Voice Hamdicap Index (VHI; Jacobson et al., 1997). Although no significant differences in vocal pathologies were found between men and women, there may be underlining the clinical differences among gender, as we are aware of women manifest more pathologies than men. Statistically significant differences were observed in physical subscale, been highlighted the highest score in the group with pathology. Another statistically significant differences were found in the VHI total score, been highlighted the highest score in the group with pathology too. The final results are interesting enough to demonstrate the Voice Handicap Index (VHI) usefulness.

Influence of music on teaching-learning process in medical students

Luis Gabriel Piñeros Ricardo; Daniel Botero-Rosas; Moisés Herrera Acosta; Manuel Fernández Cruz

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

With this research we evaluated the effect that listening to different musical intervals has on the brain waves of people and the improvement of their willingness and ability to learn, measured in terms of increased academic achievements. The benefits of this treatment will be assessed by performing a comparison between the traditional method of studying a complex subject of the degree in Medicine and the pedagogical method mediated by music developed on purpose for the experiment. The first stage is the search and identification of musical intervals that cause brain changes that facilitate learning. For this purpose, we used electroencephalographic measuring instruments to a group of 50 medical students. In a second stage, we outlined these musical intervals and composed several pieces of music, which lyrics were based on the content of a subject that has traditionally shown poor results in previous evaluations, in this case in the area of Immunology. Subsequently, the evaluation results for both groups were analyzed and compared. We found out that there were significant differences between the group that studied with music and lyrics, when comparing it to the group that did not receive any musical intervention (p<0.001), in terms of academic achievement. These results let us propose and structure a technically developed teaching method mediated by music, that uses music for education, which when applied to different areas of knowledge, especially those characterized by hard learning, will become an aid to teachers and students.

Anthropology: a credit memo for the social and educational role in the area of History

Francisco M. Ocaña Peinado; César M. Moreno Pérez

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

Teaching about knowledge of history deserves to be revised in light of balance of academic results that the competent bodies shed, and objectively not pleased. This area needs the cooperation of anthropological knowledge for its social function recover that credit. Eliminate or at least prevent the misuse and abuse of history in students it becomes imperative to generate their sense and critical training that any advanced society demands of its citizens. Anthropology can deploy on the History optimal tool to deal with the evils targeted to help build in a constructive way a respectable and efficient discipline that is not questioned its usefulness and you can return to seduce. This research aims to improve the quality of teaching practice of history at the stage of high school in the city of Granada with the contribution of social anthropology to contribute to the training of students holistically and develop the ability to generate criteria critical and emancipatory. We have designed an eclectic work, using qualitative and quantitative tools. Regarding quantitative data obtained through the questionnaire used, we intend to show the current status of training, curriculum and professional development for teachers of history expressed in relation to the contents anthropological aspects.

A study of the potential of training to be transferred to the workplace

Cristina Granado

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

In order to improve the effectiveness of the training provided by the agency in charge of training of public servants in the region of Andalusia (Spain), trainers were surveyed about what is the utilization of design-related transfer factors they do when they design training courses. Thus, the extent to which training is designed to be transferred can be analyzed. The results suggested that trainers focused their interventions more on the trainees�" satisfaction with the level and usefulness of the learning acquired than on the learning transfer to workplace. In addition, this study allowed us to gain better understanding of the perspective of trainers on how training design elements are associated. Four transfer-focused training approaches were detected, whose concomitant use varies depending on training objectives. It is concluded that the study of the transferability of training is useful to detect weaknesses and strengths in training and proposals for improvements and lines of inquiry are suggested.

The influence of publicity campaign and available resources on the eating habits of school age children between 10 and 12 years old of the Community of Madrid

Mª Asunción Torquemada Vidal

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

In today's society, there is great concern about health habits. This interest is even larger if it comes from teenagers, for whom the perception of their body image is of vital importance. For these people, ongoing messages coming from external environments are getting higher priority from those received in a domestic background. A consequence of this situation is the use of advertising campaigns focusing on training in healthy habits. The objective of this research is to show that the advertising campaigns and the use of Internet as a source of information are bringing benefits for learning in the creation of healthy habits over traditional educational resources. For this document two different methodologies were developed for comparison purposes. In a first control group only textbook was used as a single educational resource, and in a second experimental group campaigns and Internet resources were used. Then, we compared healthy habits with both methodologies, studying contents about healthy eating in tweens of 11 to 12 years using a pre-test to meet their dietary habits and having a post test after the sessions taught with different methodologies. The data obtained in this experiment show better learning results when analyzing habits in students who used the Internet as an information resource. Therefore, it underscores the objective needed for communication and education to explore and to develop synergies to achieve more specific educational goals.

Leadership, organization and gender. Speech of nursing middle management in public hospitals in Andalusia, Spain.

Carmelo Rejano Carrasquilla

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

Researching leadership associated with gender in health organizations, is a current and important topic; It will establish improvement plans in the Clinical Management Units. The aim of this study is to know the opinion of intermediate nursing leaders about: The opinion on the type of leadership practiced how gender can influence the types of leadership, if the current economic, social, political and human factors are affecting the functioning of healthcare organizations. A phenomenological qualitative methodology has been used, a sample of 16 intermediate nursing leaders, which represent 16 Andalusian public hospitals. The information has been collected through interviews (structured, focused, directed and individual) created ¨ad hoc¨ .With their opinions we have known, the importance given to the standardization of the nursing competence, which guarantee the quality of care. As regarding the treatment related to gender, female nurses manifest inequalities, unlike the male nurses. The type of leadership exercised by male nurses is transformational or pure transactional, however female nurses incorporate a mix of transformational and transactional. The crisis that these professionals are suffering, affects their daily work and the interpersonal relationships. It concludes that gender creates differences in the type of leadership practiced. Intermediate nursing leaders see a need to develop improvement plans in health organization.

Structural analysis and stakeholder-developed scenarios for the continuous training of secondary school teachers in Barcelona

Pablo Baztan; Bethany Jorgensen; José Tejada; Juan Baztan

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

Just as teachers strive to inspire a dedication to lifelong learning in their students, educators must also continue their own learning as professionals in order to keep pace with a changing world through updates in curriculum content and pedagogical practices. In Spain, Continuous Teacher Training (CTT) programs are in place to support teachers' in this effort. However, these programs must also be reviewed and, when necessary, reimagined in order to meet teachers'  needs. Using a qualitative prospective approach and structural analysis, this research provides a case study from Barcelona resulting in stakeholder-developed objectives and scenarios for improving CTT: an Ideal Scenario and a Basic Scenario. The study takes into account three underlying elements: (i) the complexity of CTT; (ii) innovation; and (iii) adoptability. While this work focuses on a specific location, the objectives and scenarios offer insight into a stakeholder-guided process for designing meaningful teacher training programs that is relevant for a broad range of education contexts.

Study about the relevance of competences of the nursing professional from the students perspective

Gladys Cora; María Aponte Correa

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

The �SStudy of the relevance of competences of the nursing professional from the students�" perspective", examines the importance that universities give to the quality of educational processes through students�" participation. This research is based on the descriptive methodology called a survey study. A Likert type scale with five categories of response is used for obtaining information. The scale consists of twenty-two competences of the Nursing degree. Through the instrument a group of students from the program responded to the survey offering their opinion about the twenty-two competitions previously identified for the nursing professional. Using two alternatives (you have or you must have) students presented essential information to the university administration regarding their study program. Two basic objectives were identified for this research. The first is to determine what are the nursing profession competencies that they must obtain in the opinion of students. The second objective in the research is to know the perception that students have with respect to the degree in which they had developed their own nursing professional competencies.

50 years without Célestin Freinet, 500 years backwards for school practices

Ivan Fortunato

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

This essay was written in tribute to Célestin Freinet. In this year of 2016, the school education mourns the golden anniversary of his passing. As legacy, he left his books, important followers of the Modern School Movement, but, mainly, he has left inspiration for teachers to think and rethink their practice and the contingencies of the profession. The purpose of this essay tribute is to share two important legacies of Célestin Freinet: his books and the inspiration for teaching.

Using students feedback to evaluate teachers effectiveness

Sing Ong Yu

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

This paper aims to explore the effectiveness of students�" feedback as a teacher evaluation tool. An effective teacher evaluation system should incorporate multiple measures of teachers�" performance. Currently, all students evaluate lecturers teaching at both the diploma and degree levels using the same set of questionnaires. As the entry requirements for the two classes of students are different, the feedback results do not fully reflect the teaching efficiency of teachers. Students�" assessment of teachers must support valid inferences of teachers�" effectiveness and is one of the many tools of teacher evaluation. The author also argues that for a teacher evaluation model to be effective, the university needs to look at other measures such as student achievement, content knowledge, instructional planning and delivery, and classroom management.

The innovation approach promoted in higher education

María Jesús Rodríguez-Entrena; Eva María González-Barea; Vanesa María Gámiz-Sánchez

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

This paper provides a conceptual framework on educational innovation and their meanings from the theories that underpin them. Through the documentary analysis, it�"s shown a description of the projects and experiences of innovation backed by Universidad de Murcia and Granada developed by the Faculties that form them. The goal of this paper is not to compare both institutions but they are shown as examples of what is happened in Spanish university regarding innovation. It can be extracted as a conclusion that nowadays universities are really pushing innovation processes, mainly around four central concepts: changing teaching methods, the Information and Communication Technologies, bilingualism, and generating and disseminating best practices. Institutionally, it�"s also promoted the continuity of teaching teams and innovation projects started up.

Linguistic Programmes in Castilla-La Mancha: a study of teachers´, parents´ and students´ attitudes towards bilingualism in secondary education institutions

Ana Sevilla Nieto; Jelena Bobkina

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

The present paper aims at examining students´, teachers´ and parents´attitudes toward bilingualism and foreign language learning in the region of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. To do so, three types of questionnaires were designed for students, teachers and parents involved in a specific linguistic programme in two secondary education schools located in the south of Castilla-La Mancha. In particular, the study seeks to determine the relationship between bilingual education and students´ self-concept as well as their motivation towards language learning. Besides, teachers´ and parents´ attitudes towards linguistic programmes and their effect on students´ motivation are analyzed.

Bibliometric study on the teaching of flamenco guitar magazine from impact magazines: cognitive, emotional and curriculum aspects

Alicia González Sánchez; Manuel López Sánchez

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

Taking into account that bibliometric investigation may begin from the whole/global bibliographic production of a particular discipline to more delimited analytic elements like doctoral thesis, books, magazine articles or scientist texts, this investigation tries to analyze some scientometric indicators in scientist magazines about flamenco guitar. The aim of this research/work focused on the magazine articles published in the mentioned databases since they appeared on them. The bibliographic search was done between June and July 2015. The thesaurus of every consulted database or, otherwise, controlled vocabulary lists were used to select these terms. Key words combined to boolean operators and truncation were used on those databases that lack the tools to do it. The results expose that publications are limited, with an scant international participation, a shared leadership by Universities and High schools. The maximum increasing period is set in the 1996-1999 triennium. Conclusions demonstrate that this instrument has lacked of educational research or interest of being investigated, being the research an essential element to produce and transmit knowledge (teaching learning process).

A proposal for inclusive classroom. Case study

Emilio Crisol Moya

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages -

In order to build a new culture for people with special educational needs, inclusive school appears as a response that not only recognizes, but also appreciates the diversity of students. The inclusive school is focused on the development of the potential of each other, and not in their difficulties. The general objective of the work presented here is to check the level of inclusiveness of primary school classrooms in a particular center. After the analysis, it is perceived that the center tends to a process towards to inclusion that it is slow but progressive. This process requires awareness and responsibility by teachers in order to carry out a set of innovations that affect both organizational and educational level. This proposal provides an intervention for the improvement and establishment of inclusive classrooms.