Standards of publication and editorial process


1- Papers submitted should not have been previously published nor submitted for current consideration elsewhere at the moment of submission to JETT. 

2- Papers can be presented in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French.

3- Papers must be related to education in its wide sense, training, and professionalization. JETT publishes research papers but also includes theoretical reflections, international literature reviews and interviews with relevant authors and book reviews of interest for the scientific community.

4- All participants are expected to adhere the Research Code of Conduct. If required, authors must certify their papers ethic committee approval.

5-    JETT doesn’t take the responsibility of the contents, judgments, and the expressed opinions in the published papers. Neither it is responsible about possible authorship derivatives conflicts of the published papers in the magazine. These responsibilities have to be taken exclusively by the authors of the published papers.

The responsibility for the content provided in the articles published and the opinions expressed are exclusively of the author(s) concerned. JETT is not responsible for errors in the contents or any consequences arising from the use of the information contained in it. The opinions expressed in the research papers/articles in this journal do not necessarily represent the views of the of the Journal. 

6- Paper and articles must follow APA style.

7- The authors must read, accept and fulfill the established commitments in the license DIGIBUG (Spanish license, English license).

8- The papers and the DIGIBUG license (signed and filled) will be uploaded in the platform, exactly in the Step 4. “uploading supplementary files”.

9-  Papers Features:

  • Extension: approximately 6000 words.
  • Title: 2 languages (English and other).
  • Authors: authors complete name, e-mail, department/knowledge area, and position
  • Abstract: 200-250 words in two languages (English and other).
  • Key words: 3 to 6 descriptors in two languages (English and other).
  • Fonts: Arial, 12.
  • File format: .doc, .odt

Papers  structure and recommendations for authors

Estructura y recomendaciones de manuscritos para autores


Editorial process


1- Once the paper is received at the JETT OJS platform, the editorial board will make a first evaluation to check the paper meets the established standards and fits the magazine thematic. Moreover, the board will check that the license DIGIBUG has been fulfilled.

2- The papers overcoming the first evaluation will be submitted to an evaluation by double blind peer review. 

3- Between the paper reception and the final evaluation result, should not exceed 5 months.

4- There are no fees for submission, reviewing, publishing or reading articles.

Download standards of publicarion and editorial process

Descargar instrucciones para el envío de colaboraciones en español


Standars for evaluators


1- Articles will be evaluated using a double blind peer review by accredited specialists. Anonymity is assured.

 2- Before starting the blind peer review process, the editorial board will make a first evaluation to check the article meets the required standards by the journal.

 3- Articles overcoming the first review will be evaluated in two ways: the first one-internal (member of the editorial board), the other one-external. In case of discrepancy between the two processes, a third evaluation will be required.

 4- Evaluators will apply the evaluation criteria established by JETT with complete independence and freedom. If there could be a conflict of interest in assessing an article, the reviewer must notify JETT, declining to perform the requested evaluation.

 5- In order to review the articles, the evaluators will use the template available in Spanish, French, Portuguese and English.

 6- Evaluators will have five options for the article global assessment (in all cases the decision should be justified in the commentaries section): 

  • Acceptable.
  • Acceptable pending minor revision.
  • Acceptable pending deep revision.
  • Unacceptable but can be recommended to other journal.
  • Unacceptable.

 7- To avoid plagiarism conflicts, the evaluators should use the anti-plagiarism application (Grammarly), and also the (Google and Google Scholar seekers).

 8- Evaluators will send the evaluation report (filling in the template) to the JETT OJS platform no later than 20 days after the reception of the template.

 9- For further information please contact

Download standards for evaluators

Descargar instrucciones para evaluadores en español